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Yes, it is possible.

First, understand Who is a gigolo? He is a man hired by a woman for her pleasure. There are many women (even in the most sexually repressed countries like India) who hire such men.

But remember: This is not about women who have an affair with a family friend or who have a fling with a relative, or a one-night stand with an office colleague. Nope, those guys are not gigolos.

This is about women who hire a man whose profession is to give a woman mind-blowing pleasure. He knows how to talk to her, how to touch her, how to transition to getting physical without making her uncomfortable, how to pleasure every inch of her body, how to give her a mind-blowing orgasm, and then if she is ready for more, how to give her multiple orgasms, how to smoothly bring her down to earth and how to accept his fees and leave smoothly.

These days the number of women hiring gigolos in India has increased. This is because of many reasons

Reason 1) Internet is getting cheaper by the day, more and more women are now online.

Reason 2) Mobiles are getting cheaper, more women have a mobile phone these days.

Reason 3) Women are more becoming more liberal, and more open to experimenting with multiple partners.

Women hire these men for their pleasure and give them some money. There is a true incident of a young man working for a catering company who lived in a far-flung suburbs but had to in town at a late night party in a hotel on Marine Drive. By the time the party was over, the last train had left so he had no choice but to spend the night sitting on the roadside, waiting for morning. Around 3 AM an Audi car stopped next to him. Inside were 2 women. They called the guy to the car and asked him if he would like to spend the night with them. He agreed. They took him to a 5-star hotel, fed him a lavish dinner and drinks, and then they asked him to do it. In the morning, they paid him money and dropped him at the same place where they picked him up.