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I did not plan on becoming a call girl. I was 19 and working as a server in a restaurant and I’d been flirting with one of my best customers. He invited me up to his room and after we had sex, I took a quick shower then he told me my money was on my clothes. The next time he paid me before we had sex. I’d had sex with him a dozen or so times when he gave my phone number to a friend. By the end of the year I had almost 20 clients.

I did enjoy it except for two times. One was I foolishly accepted an offer to go on a boat with six guys having a bachelor party. I was told that I would just be doing it with the groom. Instead they all insisted on doing it with me. I only had two condoms and ended up getting gonorrhea. The other was a new client who paid me for anal then once we were in bed refused to use a condom. I insisted and it got scary; I finally submitted just to get it over with.