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    I am a gigolo from Pune and an IT professional. Sex is my passion and hobby, so I enjoy this and have taken it as a part time Job.

    You have to be discreet (as I am here), healthy, maintain good stamina, good active listener, good massager, focused on clients needs – identify them and give your best to get them fulfilled, maintain your cool, good PR etc. etc.

    You get to please rich ladies, some are good at heart while some are just in the act. You get to experience rich lifestyle and good money at times. Some times you get virgin girls who want to explore (rare).

    Money is ok but mental peace takes a toll. I donate 50% of my income from this source to the underprivileged as I earning from my IT job is enough to make a living. The joy of giving is priceless.

    I am young and high on hormones so I enjoy this and so do my clients, its like an addiction for me now. With my network growing and a satisfied client base, I get more performance pressure.

    Nowadays, I prefer clients with reference only.

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